Ferguson Family Tree


This Family Tree is Dedicated to my Mom and Dad , Daphne and Stephen Ferguson.

This is a sort history of the FERGUSON Name. Derived from the Scottish and Irish surname Fergus. (Son of Fergus) from the Gaelic given name Fearghus, Fear meaning Man and Ghus meaning Vigor, Force. (Man of vigor and force ?).

The Ferguson Family is distinguished as a Clan which in the old days had to be proven to have Clan status, by the ability to put 250 armed men ahorse within the hour to defend their Clan, Lands and Properties. As well as providing fighting men for their Leige Lord and King. The Ferguson Family of Ayrshire and Dumfries first appears around the year 1100 in the ancient Fergus, Prince of Galloway’s Family records and can trace their ancestry to Dalriadian Origins. Fergus Prince of Galloway died at the Abbey of Holyrood in 1161 and the Earls of Carrick descended from him. The Ferguson Family of Argyllshire claim decent from Fergus Mor mac Erc, a very early king of the Scots of Dalriada, who originally came from Ireland.


Smith Tartan

Tartan is unmistakable Scottish, yet the word “Tartan” is probably of French derivation “Tiretaine” which is a French cloth of half wool and half linen, that came into use in the early 16th century. The patterning probably evolved as an expression of the weaver with it’s checks and stripes which is as old as the weaving process itself. The highland dress of the plaid and kilt is nowadays seen as the national dress of Scotland and each clan has it’s own unique tartan.



Coat of Arms. Azure, a buckle Argent between three boar’s heads couped.



Clan Badge has a Bee and Thistle, all Proper. Motto DULCIUS EX ASPERIS (Sweeter after Difficulties)……. Clan Map