Ginger Beer

This is a Ginger Beer Recipe given to me by Aunt Peg, Which I am Sure Came from Granny Fergy. I have tried and still use it at Christmas Time.

Boil 12 Lt. of Water in a Large pot. When it comes to the boil turn off the stove and leave standing on the hot plate. Add 2kg of sugar and stir until sugar has dissolved. Add a couple of handfull’s of raisins. I use 500gr. I can remember Aunt Peg Standing for hours seeding raisins, I just cut a few in half to release the flavor. Add about 100 to 200gr of fresh Ginger (bruised) I cut into small bits or you can use a box of ginger powder. I use the fresh ginger and add a teaspoon or two of the powder to strengthen it if you want. Add one to two Heaped tablespoons of Cream of Tarter. Add Two Tablespoon of Honey and two Tablespoons of Lemon Essence. Stir until all is mixed and dissolved. I do this in the evening and let it stand over night, slowly cooling down. In the morning take out half a mug of the juice and add the white of an egg and mix together, then add either a bit of fresh yeast, A small corner of a block size of a smartie. I use dry Yeast in a small packet and use about a level teaspoon. Add to the mug and mix in. let it stand for awhile. After about 15 min the yeast should have frothed on the surface of the mug mixture. Add the mug mixture to the ginger pot and stir in. allow to stand for about 24 hours in a warm place. I just move it to the side of the stove. It should now have a wonderful smell and the bits of ginger and raisins should have floated to the surface. Give it a good stir and filter into plastic cooldrink bottles the 2lt ones are the best. Use a bit of cheese cloth to filter the juice, you my have to rinse the cloth now and again as it clog’s up. Do not fill the bottle completely, fit the screw top and let it stand in a dark place for a day or two before drinking. If you keep it for a few days release the pressure by slowly, very slowly opening the screw top or the bottle could burst open. It’s best to place in the fridge to cool before opening. It sounds very complicated but I can assure you it’s very easy to make and is flop proof. I make a few batches a year around Christmas time and the whole family and friends enjoy this wonderful drink. Enjoy Deryk.


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