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Alexander Ferguson. ??-??-1822 to 04-Oct-1878.

Alexander was born in Ireland. How and when he arrived in South Africa we don’t know yet. Alexander was a General Dealer and Hotel-keeper,

He built and owned the Yellowwoods Outspan Hotel in the Fort Beauford district. He married Sarah Farley, daughter of the 1820 Settlers Daniel and Elizabeth Farley

on the 9th May 1849. According to the church records of St Patrick’s in Grahamstown, Alexander was 27 and listed as a bachelor and Sarah

who was 32 was listed as a spinster . It was seven years after Henry was born in Grahamstown. Was Henry an illegitimate child ?

Did he just adopt the Ferguson name ? Had Sarah married earlier ? We just don’t know yet! Is this the reason Henry’s name does not appear in

Alexander’s will as Thomas and Elizabeth Ann’s names did? There is also a mention, according to church records of St Michael’s R.C. church in

Fort Beaufort, of a daughter Emilia Jane Ferguson, born on the 24th August 1851 and baptised on the 21st September 1851.

Did she die young ? Also listed is the Baptism of Thomas Ferguson on the 16 October 1853 and a conditional Baptism of Sarah Ferguson

on the 4th April 1852. Sarah would have been 35 years old when she was baptised into the Catholic faith.

Alexander’s Death NoticeTranscript You will notice that Henry’s name does not appear on his death notice.

In Alexander’s estate records, Sarah signed with a ” X ” her mark. Was she illiterate? We found a document OneTwo ThreeTranscript

linking Henry to Sarah and another document OneTwoTranscript was found linking the three children to Sarah

Estate Records Page One. Two. Three and Four

Inventory of Property Page One. Two. Three. Four. Five and Six.

It appears that there was a fire at the hotel, as the above documents indicate. Did Alexander die as a result of this fire?

News paper articals about Alexander’s funeral in the Fort Beaufort Advertiser 4 Oct 1878 and 11 Oct 1878

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Sarah Farley. ??-??-1817 to ?.

Sarah was the daughter of Daniel born 1792 in England. Died Port Francis “Alfred”, Cape Province in September 1825. Daniel Married Elizabeth in 1814.

Elizabeth was born 1791 in England. They were 1820 Settlers and came from England on the ship HMS Waymouth with the Hyman’s party,

They came with their children, William, born in Devonshire, England 17th January 1815. William, married Elizabeth Moore on the 09th August 1836 and he died on the

31st July 1906 in Grahamstown. Sarah, born 1817 who was 3 years old when they arrived in South Africa. Joseph born 1818 in England and James born 1820 on the HMS Waymouth

and died at sea 1820. Born in South Africa we have George, born 1823 in Bathurst. George married Anne Mitchley and he died 19th May 1888 at Somerset East,

and last was Frances born 11th July 1825. Sarah was 8 years old when her Father Denial drowned in the sea at Port Francis and was illiterate because she signed Alexander’s death notice

with her mark an ” X “. Sarah’s mother Elizabeth remarried a Samuel Regan who was a boatman at Port Francis “Alfred” on the 8th December 1827

HMS Weymouth sailed from Portsmouth, England on the 07th January 1820, arriving in Table Bay on the 26th April 1820 and then Algoa Bay on the 15th May 1820.

That was a 4 month trip on a ship that was a converted war, store ship and here are some documents about the trip. Rules on board the ship.

If you want very interesting information on the 1820 Settlers please visit there site, just type in 1820 settlers.

In short, groups of people paid deposits and formed Parties, lead by, in the Farley’s case, Charles Hyman. Therefore, it was called the Hyman’s party, which were allocated certain plots of land located on the right bank of the Lynedoch river, naming it Standerwick on which they settled.

In the Hyman’s case it was plot 25 near Bathurst see map.

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Henry Daniel Ferguson ??-??-1842 to 26-Sept-1889.

Henry was Baptized on the 29th November 1846 when he was around 4 years old and

only his Mother Sarah is listed as a Parent.

Henry was the son of Alexander Ferguson and Sarah Farley. He was born in Grahamstown Cape Colony.

He was a Baker by trade and died in Johannesburg. In the ” South African Directory 1883 – 1884 “. Joseph George Ferguson,

Henry’s son is listed as a Confectioners Baker in Bedford and Henry as a General Dealer in Fort Beaufort.

Henry Married Catherine Boddy and they had nine children

Emilia Jane, Alexander Thomas, Henry Daniel 11-Nov-1870, Joseph George, Agatha Mary 1876, Alfred William 21-Feb-1876,

Sarah Ann 10-May-1878, Alice May 01-May-1880 and William James 20-May-1882.

Henry’s Death Notice OneTwoTranscript

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Catherine Boddy 1841 to 19-Feb-1894.

Catherine was born in Fort Beaufort Cape Colony.

Catherine’s last Will and Testament OneTwo and Three. Death notice OneTwoThreeFourFiveSix and Seven

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William James Ferguson 20-May-1882 to 31-May-1969.

William was born in Fort Beaufort Cape Colony. He was the youngest child of Henry Daniel Ferguson and Catherine Boddy. He was a Blacksmith by Trade and is said

to have fought in the Anglo Boer War (See this article, Was this William ?) were he was wounded and later after the war joined the South African Constabulary (Transvaal Police)

which later became the S.A. Police force. He started his Police career in Germiston on 11th May 1906. Was transferred to Krugersdorp on the 01st February 1909 and then to

Johannesburg (Kenilworth) on the 26th Sept 1911. He was a keen cricketer and played as wicket keeper. He obtained the rank of Lance Sergeant on the 25th July 1931

and retired on the 30th April 1934. Service record OneTwoThreeFour.

He then went to work as a floor Detective at Anstey’s Department Store in Johannesburg C.B.D. Where he worked for a number of years. He was the youngest

of Nine children. A Story told by his Daughter Elsie. William was in a Hospital and was nursed by a nurse Murphy, whom he took a fancy to, but she wanted

nothing to do with him. One day he gave her a picture of himself just as the Head Nurse walked into the ward. Henrietta quickly stuffed the picture into her

head dress so the Head Nurse would not see it. When the coast was clear see retrieved the photo which was now slightly creased and handed it back to him.

He looked at the picture and said, ” Look how you creased my Trousers” This made her smile and laugh. The start of many Generations.

They were Married on the 25th October 1907 in Johannesburg and had Seven Children Joseph , Henry, William, Catherine, StephenEdward and Elsie.

They lived at 85 Napier Street, Forest Hill, Johannesburg.

And both died in Pietermartizburg, Natal.

William’s Baptism Notice. — Death Notice — Will Notice and Estate Notice OneTwo


Henrietta Maria Eliza Murphy 22-Dec-1884 to 10-Dec-1971.

Henrietta was born in Parys O.F.S.

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Joseph James Ferguson 01-Aug-1909 to 19-July-1931.

Joseph, the first born child of William and Henrietta Ferguson.

Died of a Shark attack at Illovo Beach.

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Henry Daniel Ferguson 19-July-1911 to 07-Mar-1951.

Henry, the second born child of William and Henrietta Ferguson.

Henry Married Phyllis Jean Murgatroyd and they have three Children Imelda , Tyrone and Wendilea.

Henry was an Aircraft Mechanic, died in Pretoria of a Heart Attack.


Phyllis Jean Murgatroyd 25-Nov-1915 to 13-Oct-1992.

Phyllis Daughter of Samuel Murgatroyd 08-Oct-1886 to 29-Sept-1948 and Sarah Dora Brown 30-Sept-1888 to 17-Jan-1974.

Phyllis remarried Percival on the 06-May-1961.


Percival John Bradbury 09-July-???? to 25-June-1991.

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William James Ferguson 18-Apr-1913 to 21-Oct-1999. Obituary

William, the third born child of William and Henrietta Ferguson. William born at 85 Napier Street, Forest Hill, Johannesburg.

Married Margaret (Peggy) Agnes White on the 01-Oct-1945. Wedding photo. They have five Children Hilary , William , Neil , Norma and Trevor . Pic of Will, Peggy, Cath and Gerald

Ginger Beer Recipe


Margaret Agnes White 17-Aug-1928 to 15-June-2011.

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Catherine Ferguson 10-Apr-1915 to 30-Aug-2003.

Catherine, the forth born child of William and Henrietta Ferguson.

In 1940 enlisted in the S.A.Military Nursing Service. Became Staff Nurse and also served in Egypt between 1941 and 1943. Awarded the following Medals Africa Star,

Africa Service Medal and the King George VI Medal Discharged in 1943. Was the Natal Woman’s Single Bowls Champion.

Catherine Married Gerald Lionel Sothern Holland on the 7-Aug-1943 in Johannesburg. They have three Children Heather , Gerald and Clive . They lived in Pietermartizburg, Natal.


Gerald Lionel Sothern Holland 26-Feb-1917 to 22-Apr-2000.

Born Smithfield O.F.S. Son of Gerald Lional Sothern Holland and Francina Swanepoel. Campaign and Service Medals.1:- Combating Terrorism.

2:- Servamus et Servimus. 3:- Faithful service 10 years. 4:- Faithful service 18 years. 5:- Faithful service 20 years. 6:- For 30 years service with two Bars.

7:- Rhodesia General Service Medal. 8:- Star 1939 to 1945. 9:- General Service Medal 1939 to 1945. 10:- Africa Service Medal. 1937 enlisted in the Bechuanaland Protectorate Police.

1939 enlisted in the S.A.Armed Forces. 1946 Demobilized with the Rank of Regimental Sergeant Major. 1946 to 1989 Member of the S.A.Police.

Served for 52 years and retired from the S.A.Police with Rank of Warrant Officer. Was the S.A.P. Heavy Weight Boxing Champion.

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Stephen Ferguson 28-Apr-1917 to 28-June-1972.

Stephen was born in Johannesburg and was a Stone Mason and letter cutter by trade. They Stayed at various houses in the South of Johannesburg.

He Married Daphne Smith on the 10-Apr-1937 in Johannesburg.

Wedding Photo’s pic1 and pic2. They have Six Children AileenDeniseDerykRoyReginald and Roger .

Stephen died at the Garden City Clinic in Johannesburg five days after having open Heart Surgery.

Daphne worked as a Developer in a Picture Print Shop and also as a Punch Card Operator for a Market Research Company both in the City Center.

Daphne Died of Cancer at 31 Yonkershoek Street, The Hill, Johannesburg.



Daphne Smith 26-May-1918 to 30-Oct-1998

Born 96a Earp Street, Opherton J.H.B. Baptised 28-July-1918 at the All Saints Church Booysens J.H.B.

God Parents George Smith, Adi Lewis and Bessie Kent. Daughter of Herbert Victor Smith and Violet Rowe.

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Edward George Ferguson 01-Sept-1921 to 23-May-1980.

Edward, the sixth born child of William and Henrietta Ferguson. Baptism Notice.

Edward was born in Johannesburg and worked in the  Banking Sector. He married Barbara Van Eerden and Stayed at 85 Napier Street, Forest Hill, Johannesburg.

They have Six Children WayneGavin , AshleyLeslieGordon and Lynne . Edward died after suffering a Heart Attack.


Barbara Van Eerden 04-July-1924 to 24-June-2017.

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Elsie Josephine Ferguson 12-Nov-1924 to 21-June-2005.

Elsie, the seventh born child of William and Henrietta Ferguson.

Elsie Married Rodney Skene on the 29-Mar-1947. They have Five Children ErnestRodneyWilliam , Heather and Deborah.

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Rodney Skene 16-Nov-1921 to 20-Nov-1995.

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