A Short History of the Yellowwood Hotel

A little history on the Yellowwood Outspan Hotel, From a beacon dispute between an adjacent farm “The Yellowwood Farm” owned by a  Mr Richard  Joseph  Painter a

Sheep-farmer and Alexander. ( A letter writing in his own hand, and signature, One, Two, Three and Four ) I know that the hotel was operating in 1861 and the land was

serveyed in 1833 by the well known “Sir Andries Stockenstrom“. Alaxander built the Hotel on land that was leased from the goverment, I would say around 1845 ( He would have been 23 )

he also operated a trading store as well. Alexander was known to the local blacks (the Xhosa) as Kwa-Teddi. (Kwa meaning place of) So from that we can assume his nik name was Teddy.

He died on the 4th October 1878, At that time the 9th Xhosa war or the Fengu-Gcaleka War of (1877 to 1879) it was at the final stages of the war, It was a time when all the local

residents sought shelter at Fort Beaufort as the Xhosa’s where killing, looting and burning the whole of the frontier. The fire at the hotel may have been as a result of the marauding Xhosa’s

from the Amatola Mountain range and he may have even been injured in the fire and died of an infection as there where no antibiotics back then. The hotel was then taking over by

a Mr Henry Robert Hazelton, who it is said to have been a retired Sea Captain and poet. along with his wife Fanny Maria and children. It is also said that his daughters painted, large murals

on the walls of the hotel which were very beautifully done and cherished even after they had left. Henry died on the 1st June 1898 at the age of 75 and it was then bought

in 1898 by Mr Robert Long and he ran the hotel and trading store until 1918. (Early pic) His son Herbert (Bert) Long took the hotel over from his father and ran it until 1965.

pic1 around 1906- pic2 around 1918 – pic3 around 1940 ) Then his son Vincent and his wife Barbera took over the hotel and made a lot of changes to it.

They sold off the Outspan part of the ground, demolished the old shed, built a hall and as there was a single toilet and bath in a separate outbuilding (see the early plan)

they added a bathroom and toilet to all the rooms of the hotel which was a major undertaking and had special skirting boards fitted to stop the huge dampness problem the hotel had.

There was an incident in March 1993 when APLA members entered the hotel bar one evening and opened fire with automatic weapons, Killing a customer and injuring others,

In 1995 the hotel was then bought and converted to the Yellowwoods Preparatory School and it is still operating to this day.

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